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John and Mary have known each other since 1976. When did you return? She spoke Japanese well. I want to make her happy. I'd like a map of the city. How many hours drive? What is your aim in life? He was absent at roll call. I spend a few hours a day maintaining my website. You should stay in bed.
Le Film Battleship: - Do you know how to use a computer?
- He is an expert at solving such problems.
- He reads before bedtime.
- I haven't been there.
- Don't work too hard!
- What time does the club open?
- His brother is more patient than he is.
- I dislike eggs.
- Yes. Everyone around here does.
- Call them in.
I don't feel like eating anything. Lisa holds a grudge against Stan. She grows flowers such as tulips, pansies and daisies. To become a professional banjo player, you need to spend thousands of hours practicing. He told me that his father was a teacher. My house is close to a bus stop. If I had to take a guess, I'd say she's 26 He says that he saw nothing. However, I don't believe what he says is the truth. How disappointing! A bunch of people were standing outside waiting.

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