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He was deserted by his friends. I wonder if they'll get divorced. Yes. I picked it up this morning. There were a few bills and a letter from my mother. There was also a lot of junk mail. With a little more patience, you would have succeeded. He stuck to his promise. Don't touch my camera. She asked for my help. You should have kept it secret. Brush your teeth after each meal. I am sorry. I forgot to post the letter.
Cri Cri: - Sorry, I've got my hands full now.
- I tried to write down everything he said.
- Tony's voice is nice.
- We made it out of there.
- Are you referring to me?
- He is doing his work.
- You'll have a rough time.
- That restaurant is not expensive.
- What do you think you'll get for your wife?
- When I went to the store, they didn't have any apples.
I was wrong. Jack suddenly stopped talking when Mary entered the room. I said it's 5:10PM. I didn't know whether to stay here or go to London. He did a cartwheel. Do you play soccer? I asked him to lend me some money. She feels bad today. Why not with the help of this site? I am able to swim across the river.

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