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Is he your relative? How do you go to office? Who is that? He seems to make nothing of it. Don't beat him. Oranges are rich in vitamin C. I am too tired to run. My family is not that large. He teaches us English. He writes books.
Carancho: - English food leaves me cold.
- What do the people do there?
- I always thought that Shirley and Alan would get together.
- What does it mean?
- He finally achieved what he set out to do.
- He has a house of his own.
- I shouldn't have to tell you to do your homework.
- It's very hot, isn't it?
- Sir, nobody by that name here.
- No matter how you do it, the results will be the same.
I am going to play tennis in the afternoon. Didn't you read the book? There is an urgent need for the local government to help the homeless. This is based on fact. Not really, maybe we can just order some bread. I think it's time for me to turn off the TV. Thanks for your explanation. He made me a box yesterday. I tried in vain to open it. He narrowly escaped from the bus when it caught fire.

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