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Banks open at nine o'clock. How about going swimming? He made a sharp turn to the right. I think his life is in danger. She hurt her foot when she fell off her bicycle. Does she play piano? Shut up and listen! He usually fed his dog cheap dog food. That's wrong. What is Ken eating?
Yugioh Online: - Does the bomb blast?
- I would like to meet him.
- Not really, maybe we can just order some bread.
- Can I eat this?
- Take as many as you want.
- He pays no attention to the teacher.
- How could you just walk out the door without saying goodbye?
- I must be leaving now.
- Yeah, it is. I come here all the time.
- He accused the man of stealing.
He hurt his knee when he fell. Thanks. It's a lot better than mine, and it's new. We'll have little snow this winter. Does he advantage a lot? Sure, when? He is a good athlete. He named his son Robert after his own father. Hi Michael. He did well for a beginner. I asked him if he wanted a watch.

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