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I think it will rain today. There are a lot of problems we can't avoid. Don't be late for work. What are you? How's your mother? They arrived at the hotel. I can't speak English at all. You've got to give up gambling once and for all. I have to be back home by seven. Doctor, my weight has picked up again.
212 Azealia Banks: - I can't wait to go on a vacation.
- There is an urgent need for experienced pilots.
- I felt much more relaxed.
- What time does your plane depart?
- I'm bleeding badly.
- Are you still playing the bassoon?
- Which is your native town?
- What a bore!
- I always take a bath before going to bed.
- I met a tall man named Ken.
I've never met her. This does not apply to students. He said he could swim well. What'd the doctor say? My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive. She was advised by him on how to stay healthy. I'm glad to hear that. He narrowly escaped from the bus when it caught fire. She couldn't convince him to accept a personal check. I wish I had a room of my own.

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