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My family will be away for a week. She looks nice and healthy. I would like to go to the concert with you. She looks happy. Everybody has the right to seek happiness. How much does it cost per day? Could you tell us something about your family? Thank you so much. She looked sad. Yes. I have.
Judge Dredd: - I can't tell you exactly how long it will take.
- OK, let's play, but this time I don't want to bet money.
- We'll have a good crop if this good weather keeps up.
- The days are growing longer.
- I wonder why.
- The snake swallowed a frog.
- He is afraid of death.
- He accepted my present.
- She was so angry that she could not speak.
- That's exactly what I thought.
Where do you keep your books? She accused me of being a liar. It was only yesterday that I realized what she really meant. I live near her house, but I seldom see her. She watched him swim. Turn left at the first light. She let the secret out. What time does the movie start? I must get this work finished by next Tuesday. He studied English history.

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